A Secret Place at the Tip of Borneo

Secret Place at the Tip of Borneo

After all the jungle we really needed some beach. So we decided to rent a car and explore the tip of Borneo. We found an amazing camping spot which is called Secret Place. As I saw the place I immediately loved it.

The camping site is directly located at a beautiful lonely white sand beach with crystal clear water shimmering in all shades of blue. The family who runs the place is very welcoming and in the evenings you can sit together with the parents and their cute kids.

Secret Place at the Tip of Borneo

Facilities and Food

The best thing about the Secret Place is that there are basically no facilities which destroy the natural beauty of this amazing beach. The family who runs the place is also living in tents. There is only a little house for the kitchen with a terrace where you can find some shade in the daytime.

The toilet and shower are typical Malay style, which means you pull water of yourself with a bowl. As a big city girl I love to be back to nature for some time.

Stay in a tent a Secret Place

Staying in a tent directly on the beach is so romantic. I sleep the best with the sound of the waves. You can bring your own tent or stay in one of their tents. We brought our own tent and paid only 50RM for the 2 of us.

Vegan Food is Available but Limited

Secret place offers a simple menu with some curry dishes, fried noodles and drinks. They know already about vegan travelers and prepared a delicious vegan curry for us. A few weeks earlier they had some fruitarians staying over, so they had to go to the market to buy tones of durian and bananas.

For Breakfast, you can basically only order the noodle dish again, but we brought some peanut butter and whole wheat bread from Kota Kinabalu.

Activities at the Secret Place at the Tip of Borneo

The whole idea of being at a lonely beach is relaxing, so just choose a hammock next to the beach and deattach 🙂 or go swimming and snorkeling. You can find some fishes and corals in the water but after staying at Mabul and Lato Lato Resort it was a bit disappointing.

Secret Place at the Tip of Borneo

If you walk to the end of the beach you can find a little turtle hatchery and there is also another resort a bit further down the road.

I always love to go running in the mornings and evenings. If you get out of the resort and turn right there is a great way through the jungle, it is a bit hilly but so beautiful. For all the runners out there a must-do. Unfortunately I didn’t bring any camera.

Visit the Tip of Borneo

If you have a car you can go around to other small beaches and visit the real tip or Borneo. It is only about 10 minutes drive.

Tip of Borneo

One of the highlights are definitely the breathtaking sunsets. Sunsets in Borneo really give you this magical feeling.

Secret Place Tip of Borneo Sunset

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