Camping in Ko Similian National Park

Sunset Similian Islands

Relaxing for a few days on the beautiful Island Ko Similian 4 in the Ko Similian National Park.

Beach Meditation

3 white-sand beaches surrounding the island where you can watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises. During the daytime the beaches are a little bit crowded with mainly Chinese day trippers, but before and after they are gone only very few people are on the island.

Beach Run

Budget travelers can stay in the tents provided by the National Park.

Camping Similian Islands

There is only one restaurant on the island so the food choices are limited. The food is okay. Vegan options like rice soup for breakfast are available.

Thai Rice Soup

Ko Similian 4 also has a stunning view point. Go there for sunset the view is amazing, but don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent.

Sunset Similian Islands
Sunset Similian Islands

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