Zero Waste Hair Care – My No Poo Method Results Q&A

No Poo Method Result 4 month

First of all thank you all so much for your positive feedback about my no poo method post. I am very happy that so many people are interested in the no poo method and that I could help inspire even more people to try it. The interest from our Chinese readers was so big that 2 volunteers helped us to translate the post into Chinese and spread it on WeChat. We got so many comments and questions that we thought it might be helpful to summarise the most asked questions about the no poo routine in a separate post. Here you go

Can I apply the no poo method if I have oily hair?

Yes. Normal shampoos will wash off all your natural oil and fat so your body is encouraged to produce even more, that’s why some people have oily hair. Rye flour will also remove oil from the hair but it is not as aggressive in doing so as shampoo. Therefore rye fluor is good to use in the transition period.

Does flour and water mixture work like glue and get sticky?

No it doesn’t get sticky as long as you use enough water. I only use one table spoon of rye flour for one cup of water. Wheat fluor gets sticky and this is the reasons why we recommend rye fluor

Can the oil and dirt be removed from the scalp?

You can remove all dirt and oil from the scalp through washing with warm water. It is important to massage your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) under the shower to remove dead skin and dirt.

How do you get the rye flour out of your hair?

It is important to rinse the hair properly. After the hair is dry you can shake it a bit so in case there are any leftovers it will just fall out.

Is it possible to comb your hair without using conditioner and shampoo?

I have been super surprised about how easy I could comb my hair from the day I stopped using shampoo. I still can hardly believe that, before I needed really a lot conditioner to comb my hair.

How long is the transitioning time to no poo?

It really depends from person to person, but for me it took about 14 days with the rye flour method. After about one month I could switch to the water only method.

Do you use any hair gel or foam to make the curls last?

No I don’t need anything else apart from argan oil.

How much argan oil do you use after showering and do you rinse it afterwards.

I am using very little just a fingertip and I don’t rinse the argan oil. From time to time I will do an argan oil mask, then I apply 5-10 fingertips into my hair and leave it for about 30 mins. Afterwards the hair needs to be rinsed.

Where do you apply the argan oil at the ends or scalp?

I always try to put it from about half of the length to the ends.

What do you use for protein treatments ?

I don’t really do protein treatments. I do deep conditioning from time to time if I have the feeling that my hair is to dry. There are many ways for deep conditioning, but I prefer argan or coconut oil. If I am not traveling I do an avocado banana hair mask, that also works very well.

Are these natural curls?

Yeah, I got them from my mom 🙂

What do you do against bad smell of the hair?

If you wash your hair regularly it will not smell. This is also still surprising to me the hair just smells normal, not stinky at all.

How can I make my hair smell nice without chemical products?

You can use essential oils. Add a few drops of your favourite smell to the argan oil and voila your hair smells amazing. You can also mix the essential oil with water and spray it in your hair.

What do you do if you go into a swimming pool?

I just wash with water only. The hair does not smell strange afterwards. Same if you go to a place where people smoke, after washing with water only all the smoke smell is gone.

What do you do if you go to get a haircut?

As I don’t want that people try to convince me to use shampoo and also to avoid weird discussion, I just tell them that I am allergic to all kind of shampoo and conditioner so they only can wash my hair with water. Seriously that works without problems.


I hope we could solve most questions about the no poo method so far. I you have more questions or if we missed something please let us know. Also keep us updated about your no poo results!

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