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Hey I am Karo and I am a vegan runner with a big passion for traveling. Meeting new inspiring people, learning about different cultures, finding delicious vegan food and visiting mind blowing places is just what life is for…if you ask me.

About_Karo Our Travel Tip

After traveling to many places in the world it is hard to ignore that humans -meaning we ALL – have a very bad impact on our planet. It is really horrible to see that the amazing nature is getting destroyed more and more and I am also contributing to it. So I started to research  what I can do to reduce my impact on the environment as much as possible. The first big step I took was turning vegan in January 2017. And for 2018 I started aiming for a zero waste lifestyle. There is still so much more to learn and improve.

One of my German friends said: “Karo its very nice what you are doing, but you can’t change the world!” You might ask yourself the same, what impact can  a single person have?  And I believe every one of us can have a huge impact. If we are not changing anything who else are we expecting to do it? BE THE CHANGE.

About_Roland Our Travel Tip

This is Roland, the person behind the camera, who has all  skills to let people experience amazing places through pictures. We became vegan together in 2017, Roland is as passionate as I am about a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle and he makes the best vegan cheesecake ever 🙂

After living in China for more than 4 years we quit our jobs to travel the world! We are looking forward to connect with like-minded people allover the world. So if you have any good suggestion around the topics traveling, vegan food, running, zero waste and sustainability, we can’t wait to hear from you! Write a comment on our blog or Instagram or contact us at karo@ourtraveltip.com. You can write us in English, German, Swedish or Chinese.

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