Best Vegan Restaurants & Food in Cusco, Peru

Vegan Food Cusco

After hearing lots of concerns about going vegan in South America we didn’t expect much. But we were truly amazed about finding a vegan mecca in Cusco. As serious foodies we had trouble saying goodbye to all the vegan goodies like tiramisu, cheesecake, lasagne, sushi and even blue cheese. Yes you read right vegan blue cheese. Here you go our favourite vegan restaurants in Cusco.

Green Point 

This is by far the most famous vegan restaurant in Cusco. We went there twice and it was always crowded and for a reason. The food is really well composed and decorated, it reminded us to vegan high dining only was it much cheaper. The menu has everything to offer a vegan could wish for. The atmosphere is stylish but still cozy and the staff was so super friendly that we were really surprised. Before you get your ordered dishes you always get a little starter on the house. 

Our favourite dishes were the tacos to share and the lasagne. The taco dish comes with 4 ready-to-eat tacos and 2 you can create by yourself. Therefore you get lots of ingredients like salsa, guacamole, grilled veggies and so on. If you want to let some room for dessert this dish is enough for 2. The lasagne was very well composed and rich in flavour. If you are a lasagne lover you have to try it. 

Green Point has a pretty good lunch deal which is not really visible on the menu just ask the staff. It costs only 15 Soles and includes a salad buffet, a soup and a main dish. 

As cakelovers we tried all cakes on the dessert menu 🙂 Green Point has a raw cheesecake which was very creamy and delicious. Second option is tiramisu who could say no to vegan tiramisu. We definitely can’t. The taste is not like the typical tiramisu more like a Christmas dessert or a black forest cake without cherries. It was really yummy. Nevertheless my favourite cake was the chocolate cake, it is really to die for. 

Must Try: Lasagne, Tacos, Chocolate Cake

Salud de Luz 

Salud de Luz is located in a charming courtyard which reminded us of our Hutong house in Beijing so we immediately liked it. The menu has only a few dishes which are all homemade on the spot. The must try for Salud de Luz is the cheese plater, this cheese plater will blow your mind. Say hello to camembert and blue cheese, surely vegan. It is just incredible that it is possible to make such good vegan cheese. Especially the blue cheese tastes so real, you must go and try this, seriously. The owner told me she makes the cheese according Thomas full of plants recipe. We definitely gonna make that as soon as we have a proper home again or we need to move to Cusco. 

Apart from the amazing cheese the sandwiches are also a very good deal made with gluten free bread fresh from the oven and hummus, mushroom paste or even vegan bacon. 

Make sure you also try the inka berry juice its so delicious and healthy.

Must Try: Cheese Platter

Chia Vegan Kitchen

Chia Vegan Kitchen is similar to Green Point it has everything to offer you could wish for. We went crazy on the starters and appetisers and had the typical Peruvian dish Ceviche which is usually made with raw fish onion and lemon sauce. Here it is made with mushrooms and we loved it. We also had the tapas  and the quinoa sushi. If you are a sushi lover you need to try this. Seaweed stuffed with mushrooms, sweet potato, quinoa and guacamole. It was so good that we ordered a second round straight after.

Must Try: Sushi, Ceviche

La Rabona (Vegetarian Restaurant)

We had stop-over at La Rabona for a little snack and got the hummus avocado sandwich. This simple dish was so delicious that La Rabona cannot miss on our list for the best vegan restaurants in Cusco.

Vegan in Cusco

The Churro Bar

This is the only vegan bakery in Cusco but The Churro Bar also offers some snacks, coffee and juices. Here we had by far the best vegan empanadas, a half-moon shaped pastry with savoury fillings. Usually they are filled with chicken fish and cheese. Both option at Churro Bar are super delicious and make the perfect breakfast on to go. We brought them on our Inka Trail adventure for break. Also the cakes here are super delicious. We had a lemon cake which was the best we ever had. They also offer free water refill if you bring your own bottle. Isn’t that amazing?

vegan in Cusco

Fresh Fruit Juice at San Pedro Market

Your vegan journey in Cusco is not complete without a visit at San Pedro market for a fresh fruit juice. Peru has the most tasty fruits and you will probably never get so delicious fresh fruit juice for a bargain price. We zero waste friendly, you choose one fruit juice counter and then you sit down until your juice is prepared and given to you in a real glas. Remind them that you don’t want a plastic straw ruining the perfect flavour of the fruits. One fruit juice is 6-7 soles and you will get almost one litre of it. So after you are done with your first glass you can refill until your juice is finished. We didn’t know that and ordered one juice each so that we ended up with 2 litre. I never had as much fresh fruit juice in my whole life. We shared our juice with an old fellow who asked us for a few coins. So nothing got wasted and we really couldn’t eat lunch anymore after this juice feast.  

Cusco San Pedro Market

Please let us know if there is anything we missed out. Happy eating!

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